1. Stainless Steel Water Tank

Stainless Steel is used for the water collection tank as it is resistant to corrosion, in comparison to other metals, thus ensuring durability and safety of its contents. It is highly stain-resistant , thus ensuring the longevity of the water tank and zero contamination of its contents. (i) Inhibits growth of bacteria (ii) Maintains freshness of pure water (iii) No foul smell (iv) No algae (v) No yellow stains

3. TCR Filter
The Total Contaminant Removal (TCR) carbon filter contains granular activated carbon and is placed in a position where there is sufficient contact time to ensure adsorption of any organic contaminant that might have escaped the filteration process.


3. Ozonation Technology

The Avo-Water Technology features an ozone generator as opposed to the commonly used RO and UV filters. This works as a very strong oxidant and a powerful  disinfectant which is over 3,000 times more powerful than chlorine and 3741 times more powerful than UV. It disinfects, oxidizes and deodorizes the water while destroying all types of microorganisms instantly, ensuring better tasting water.

4. Air Filter


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Working Principle

Avo-Water is a humidity and temperature-driven machine which creates water from the air, using a proprietary process. These machines serve two purposes: creating water and conditioning outside air simultaneously, making it the most unique energy-efficient water generator available today! The machine’s optimum performance ideally requires a minimum humidity level of approximately 50%.


Once the air is filtered through a patented air filtering process, a condensation unit receives the humid air flow from the evaporator. The condensation unit then converts the water vapor into water. This process is known as Atmospheric Condensation. Once the water is generated through this process, it is then purified via a 4-step filtration process.